In an effort to break free of what holds us back, many of us spend thousands of dollars every year on self-help books, online courses, and pricey retreats ... but fail to change our life for the better!


One of the reasons is we struggle to translate what we've learnt into everyday practice, AND remain focused & motivated to consistently apply the changed behaviour in our daily life.


For decade's successful people have employed Business Coaches and Life Coaches to get them to higher levels than they dreamed possible!


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What's stopping you from leading the life you desire? Are Fears & Anxiety holding you back? How would it feel to be liberated from Negative Self Talk? Would you like to boost your Self Confidence? Are you ready to release Negative / Destructive Habits and Addictive Patterns?


Our past doesn't need to define who we are Today. Hypnosis is about Freedom and Empowerment, and connecting with a deeper part of you to help you move forward positively with your life!


I promise you success, if you promise you will keep an open mind to new ideas and suggestions!


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Ever wonder where we come from, and why we’re drawn to certain people, places and situations?


Beliefs begin forming the day we are born and form the groundwork of our entire lives…. determining much of where we are headed and who we are to become.


Do you dream you have more to offer … then you wake up not knowing where to begin or how to change or how to tap the Dream inside of you?


Learn to be More Connected and Awaken the Power & Magic Inside You!


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Michelle Dorn

Empowerment Counsellor, Hypnotherapist, & Teacher

Hi my name is Michelle

I look forward to Partnering With You!

Welcome to Inspired Life Balance

Offering Empowerment Counselling, Hypnosis & Workshops


Have you ever felt stuck in a rut or like your life isn't going the way you want?

Are you stressed and sick of the negative chatter in your head?

Do you suffer from an issue or challenge that seems to be recycling over and over?

Are you holding yourself back or second-guessing yourself too much?

If you answered yes to any of these questions … You Are Not Alone!

When faced with a significant challenge, whether related to our relationships, health, mental attitude, work/career or finances, we often look outside to a specific external source for an answer or solution. What we sometimes fail to realise, is that a solution is always  on-hand, we just need help finding it!

My name is Michelle Dorn. I have managed and developed hundreds of successful people around the world during my +20 year corporate career, and now through my Empowerment Couselling, Hypnosis and Teaching I focus on helping individuals evolve themselves to a whole new level of success and personal development!


I'm passionate about helping people overcome challenges & fears to find more Happiness & Balance in their life, and inspiring individuals to be more than they ever imagined they could BE!

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Commit with a passion to the life you deserve. Our partnership will not be effortless, but if you're committed to make it work, I promise it will be extraordinarily rewarding! I'm passionate about what I do, and I'm committed to help YOU overcome obstacles to allow you to reach your true potential AND help you lead a life that you are proud of .... and want to Celebrate!



Sometimes it just takes a bit of outside help for us to overcome our Fears, Doubts, Addictions, Stress & Anxiety. I can help you develop a positive mindset so you can TAP YOUR TRUE POTENTIAL!!